Dani (ferrisb17) wrote,


I totally forgot that I had one of these journal thingys. I guess I should probably remember to write in it every once in a whil. Oopsy.

My life is way too boring. Last night instead of going out i cleaned out my closet. Of course i was being forced to, but eh. The good thing is i found my old fave ring, and some other interesting items seeing as i havent went near my closet in several years. Its a very scary place. I think something is living in there.

I cant wait till friday. Its been soooo long since i have seen melee and the plain white t's. its completely sold out. wow! lucky melee guys! thank goodness we got our tickets already. So many of the SL girlies r going. Hopefully the guys show, i dont want them to miss it. Its gonna be an amazing show.

Someone needs to keep me away from caffine and rocky horror music in the morning. I am gonna be bouncing off the walls at school. Lets hope stupid isnt dumb enough to come near me again when i have half of a vanilla coke and am jumping around. that was his own fault yesterday!

Oh well, i should probably go dry my hair and get ready for that evil thing called school....
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