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Dani good Sleepy now!

My head hurts! erg my friend dallas says he wasnt to move down here from north cali, by the end of the summer. he is almost 19, but he needs a job, a house, and to register for school. i dont think he can do it. he doesnt have any money saved away and its annoying because im going to have to organize everything cuz thats the kind of person i am. why am i always so damn nice? grrrr!!!

today has been boring. my computer hates me and wouldnt do aim, explorer, and kazaa without re-booting like 15 times {yes, actually 15 i counted!} and then it died again so my dad un-installed kazaa. he did this without telling me. my 300 song files gone with a single click! i cried! :::cries::: how could he delete my music? it is so quiet without it. plus my cd player in my comp has never worked right, my portable cd player head set thingy is broken, and my big cd player doesnt like me either so no music for me! i think i might die i really do!

erg my dad is comming down the stairs i wonder what he wants. turns out he wants to know why i am not watching a movie that he rented me. why u may ask? CUZ I WANT TO BE ONLINE RIGHT NOW THATS WHY! erggg....he is soooo nosey!

truth is i am extremely tired, too tired to even watch a movie and also a lil mad. he just got a new dvd player in his computer which is in his room, so he rented behind enemy lines and almost famous on dvd yesterday. i was going to rent behind enemy lines but they didnt have any there on vhs and thats all we have downstairs. well i told my dad i wanted to see it, but he watched it before i got up. i asked him while he was trying to fix my comp if he could watch the basketball game downstairs so i could watch it before we took it back. he said no cuz he hates out couch and then spent about an hr and 45 mins working on my computer, and then it was another 30 mins before the game so i could have watched it but noooooooo!!!!! we never rent movies, we only did this weekend cuz im sick and my comp was broken....so i never get to see it! :::cries:::

i am sooo freakin happy tomorrow is a holiday. since i didnt go to school most of last week tomorrow will be day 7 of not going to school. why is it my friends always get me sick? i swear if they get sick i get sick but twice as bad and twice as long as they did. i have no immune system. why not go to a doctor u might ask? well my dad is afraid of them, and i live with him, so i havent been to one in like 3 years. not good! and he wonders why i get sick and miss so much school, and then he yells at me. its his own dang fault! :::cough cough::: oh well, i normally pass whatever i have on to him, so ha on him!

just a few more weeks till i go to my moms! yea me! 500 miles from here for a month. no computer. :::ahhhhhhhh::: i think that might kill me! oh well i have katies computer and she will only be gone a week and i think i might be able to survive a week without checking my email, key word might. eeps a whole month without disneyland! now that will kill me. i dont do good without disneyland. i know i am spoiled rotten, but its 10 mins away, i have a year pass, and splash mountian should be open again and i neeeeeddd to go on splash mountian! i bet steve the rollercoaster guy thinks im dead. i havent seen him in the longest time. he is such a cutie! u know u r at disneyland too much when gepetto {cant spell to save my life!} follows u around like a stalker, and the cast members know u by name, and going there and riding the train all day is fun!!!{actually that just means u dont have a life at all!} i have problems i know!

oh this summer is the fair! my friends r all aggies and have steers, rabbits, chickens, lambs, pigs, turkeys, ect and are selling them. i get to spend july 15th-26th at the fair! SAVE FERRIS IS PLAYING AT THE FAIR AND SO ARE WEIRD AL AND MARTINA MCBRIDE!!! i cant wait!!! i am a save ferris obsessed addict! i luv them, always have always will.....oh and weird al is an insane musical genius and martina has the most amazing voice. yes i like country, shut up! oh and colin raye and keith urban r also playing! i am sooo getting reserve seats for save ferris and possibly weird al. need good seats for save ferris! must sneak backstage and meet them, again...now if the clark family experience {6 super hott brothers who sing/play country music} came to the fair i would camp out for a week, have reserve seats, front row center if i had to kill someone! again, i know i have some serious problems...but their cd isnt out yet,{i have waited over a year, it comes out this summer thank goodness!} i am madly in luv {jk} with their fiddle player ashley, so i think i have a right to be obsessed....
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